SAR fetched exhausted hikers in Iceland's Hornstrandir

Rescue ship Gunnar Friðriksson picked up four hikers yesterday at Hornstrandir in the West Fjords, one of Iceland's most remote areas. They had all given up on their hiking trips.

The hiker that first called had stopped at emergency shelter in Hornvík along with the group he hiked with, and used the emergency phone to call Iceland Search and Rescue to pick him up. He was exhausted. Another hiker with a sprained ankle was also picked up, along with two other men which were cold, wet and tired.

The boat picked them up at Hornvík, a few hours sail from Ísafjörður, the nearest town.

Hornstrandir is known for beautiful nature and great cliffs and mountains. The area popular among hikers, but as it was deserted over 60 years ago, there isn't any service there, only a few emergency shelters, so hikers must rely upon themselves.


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