Shat in a policeman's pocket

The Reykjavík metropolitan police received a phonecall about a bewildered pedestrian who got into trouble near the policestation in Hafnarfjörður. The pedestrian turned out to be a goose which had become disoriented and was wandering around in the midst of traffic. 

According to the police's Facebook page, the goose was picked up by a policeman and taken to the policestation. On the way there the goose objected to this treatment by defecating directly into the policeman's pocket. 

After this occurence, the goose was placed in a plastic container with air holes drilled into it, and then driven to the local pond where it was released. 


USD USD 104.14 EUR EUR 123.30
GBP GBP 138.55 DKK DKK 16.57
NOK NOK 12.80 SEK SEK 12.52
CHF CHF 106.23 JPY JPY 0.94

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