Ferry rides from Reykjavik to Akranes to start on Monday

The ferry's name will be Akranes, like the town.

The ferry's name will be Akranes, like the town. Aðsend mynd

From next Monday and during the summer, a ferry will sail between the centre of Reykjavik and the centre of Akranes three times a day. The timing of the rides is aimed at locals who work in one place and live in the other, and for tourist to enjoy the short sail and a day out in the other town.

Akranes is a big town (by Icelandic standards) and has much to offer. There’s an ambitious museum area with varied exhibitions. There’s a 18 hole golf course, a swimming pool and nice restaurants and cafés. The scenery is beautiful and and short walks out to the lighthouse or around town are essential while visiting.

During the summer the town is lively with markets and festival. The biggest one is called Irish Days which honours the Irish blood that runs through many Icelanders veins, held 29 of June - 2 July in 2017.

A 25 minute sailing time

The ride only takes 25 minutes. A one way ticked will cost 2,500 ISK and a two way ticked 4000 ISK. It will also be possible to buy a ticket for 20 rides, then each ride costs 875 ISK.

The ferry will head off from Reykjavik at 6:30 each morning, be at Akranes just before 7:00, and leave again for Reykjavik just after 7:00. The next ride from Reykjavik will be at 10:30 and the third at 17:30.

It will sail from the old Reykjavik harbour called Vesturbugt, just by the city centre, and will land at the old harbour in Akranes.

Driving to Akranes from Reykjavik city centre takes just under ...

Driving to Akranes from Reykjavik city centre takes just under an hour. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Árni Sæberg


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