First bus arrived in Grímsey Island yesterday

The first bus for public transportation arrived with the ferry to Grímsey Island yesterday. Up to this point there has been no public transport in the island and visitors must have be content with walking.

Grímsey Island is Iceland’s northernmost inhabited island. Located 40 km north of Iceland, so far north the Arctic Circle runs through it. The location also means the midnight sun is even more spectacular than on the main island, there's 24 hours of daylight for a over a month during summer.

There is a village by the island’s harbour, where around 100 people live. There you can find a guesthouse and a supermarket, pretty much everything you need.

Bought by the local garage

The local garage, Vélaverkstæði Sigurðar Bjarnasonar, bought the bus which seats 23 passengers. The plan is to use it for tourists visiting the island in collaboration with the local tourist services, offering rides to the Arctic Circle which goes through the northern part of the island, and to the lighthouse at the south end.

This summer 29 cruise ships have plans to dock at the island. There are flights from Akureyri every day and ferry Sæfari sails to the island five days a week.

Locals are expecting an increase in tourism, and the bus is a great addition to the service available in the island. There was even a cruise ship docked when the bus arrived, so it went into use the same day.


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