Suitcases stuck in planes during a storm yesterday

A great number of passengers had to wait for their suitcases for hours in Keflavik International Airport yesterday. A storm was raging, and the weather was so bad it wasn’t possible to get the suitcases from the planes and into the airport.

“We enter the airport just after four o’clock, and at that time the wind was blowing so strong they couldn’t get our bags out from the planes,” says passenger Magnús Ásmundsson. According to him some people were forced to stay in the planes after they landed while the weather got a little better.

Passengers could register on a list and have their bags delivered. “We didn’t want to leave our luggage behind so we waited four hours, and got them in the end.” He added that people weren’t mad or annoyed about this, as you can’t control the weather. “Everyone was a bit tired but the overall mood was fine, no one was upset. People just had a beer and chilled. The only problem is that we couldn’t sit down. There are no seats in there [in the baggage claim], as people aren’t meant to linger there.”

The weather was so bad that some planes had to be rerouted to Egilsstaðir Airport in East Iceland and to Akureyri Airport in North Iceland.


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