Beautiful travel videos from Iceland

The Breath of Iceland is a team that makes beautiful travel videos of Iceland in winter and summer.

The project is a brainchild of Icelandic photographer Guðjón Svanur Hermannsson. The videos are a collaboration between him and his fiancé, Lilja Dögg Schram Magnúsdóttir.

“The Icelandic landscape is one of a kind. There is no place like it. And even if you go to the same place twice you'll get a different experience because of the diverse weather and light.”

Here are some of their most stunning videos

This video depicts the wonders of South Iceland. Everything from glaciers, stunning waterfalls, ice floating in a lake, long black sand beaches and all in all beautiful scenery.

This also depicts South Iceland, but this time it’s mountains and craters covered in ice and snow.

In Hvalfjörður there are a lot of remains from the USA Army‘s stay in Iceland. The area is also known for beautiful scenery and stunning waterfalls.

Last but not least the ocean. Icelanders are well and truly connected to it. Most towns in the country are located by the sea, and fisheries were for decades Iceland‘s biggest industry (tourism only surpassed recently). This video is simply dedicated to the ocean.


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