Naked man bathing at a perilous Icelandic beach

“I see many strange things in the [tourist] industry, but I had no idea what this man was about to do,” said Teitur Þorkelsson guide after he witnessed a man taking off his clothes and walk into the sea at Djúpalónssandsfjara beach. It occurred to him the man was about to commit suicide but doubted it since he seemed so pleased.

“He walked into the sea and the waves beat him back to shore. I talked to him and warned him this was dangerous. He didn’t listen and went back in.”

Þorkelsson says he understands the man in a way, being fond of sea bathing himself, but he would never do so at this beach as it’s not safe, the waves are too powerful.

Þorkelsson was guiding two young women from the United Arab Emirates when he met the man. “They looked away, but filmed it. They had a good laugh about it afterwards.”


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