Incredible ice formation in North East Iceland

The ice formation is visible from afar.

The ice formation is visible from afar. Photo: Hörður Jónasson

"A great work of art," says Jón Björn Hreinsson, farmer at Ljósavatn in Ljósavatnsskarð, North East Iceland about a bizarre ice formation which occurred just above his farm. The ice "sculpture" was formed when a water pipe on the electricity generator had a small hole in it, with water mist escaping at a steady rate. The water froze rapidly on impact with the cold air, creating a kind of ice castle. According to Hreinsson the structure is hollow and is starting to melt a little, and he expects it to melt completely in the spring. The ice formation measures around 8- 10 metres in height and is 5-6 metres wide.


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