A bike cave and café in a picturesque quarter of Reykjavik

The Bike Cave is famous for their vegan burgers.

The Bike Cave is famous for their vegan burgers. mbl.is/Árni Sæberg

A café and restaurant opened in the residential area of Skerjafjörður, West Reykjavik, two years ago,  and it's also a bike repair shop. Called the Bike Cave, the venue offers cheap, good fast food, including a now famous vegan burger. 

Inside is also a self-service bike repair.

Inside is also a self-service bike repair. mbl.is/Árni Sæberg

"We wondered what we could do with the location and the idea we came up with was to open a café and restaurant for people on bikes. There's a great bike trail past the building, and my partner Stefán is also an avide motorbike enthusiast, "says owner Hjördís Andrésdóttir. 

„We get a lot of tourists here, especially for the vegan burger and I believe that if people get good, cheap food they will come back more often."

She adds that locals often pop in to get a take away or sit down for a beer. Check out their Facebook page HERE. 


USD USD 104.12 EUR EUR 118.30
GBP GBP 133.56 DKK DKK 15.91
NOK NOK 12.33 SEK SEK 12.11
CHF CHF 108.40 JPY JPY 0.93


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