Try wild thyme coffee at Iceland's Kaffitár

On the occasion of Design March, designer Laufey Jónsdóttir and barrista Kristín Biering created an unusual coffee sold during the festival at coffee shop chain Kaffitár. 

It's an espresso flavoured with Icelandic wild thyme, Blóðberg, using Brazilian Sweet Collection coffee beans which have a natural vanilla/ caramel aroma. 

Biering says, " We're really happy with the result, it was an experiment that was successful in my mind. Icelandic herbs have not been used in coffee before, but more for cooking or cocktails."

You can try the special coffee between March 23rd and 26th at Kaffitár branches in Bankastræti, Höfðatorg, Kringlan and the National Museum, all in Reykjavik. 


USD USD 105.40 EUR EUR 124.23
GBP GBP 140.55 DKK DKK 16.69
NOK NOK 12.60 SEK SEK 12.46
CHF CHF 106.58 JPY JPY 0.94

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