Gorgeous bar and bakery opens on Hverfisgata

The two Julias at Julia & Julia.

The two Julias at Julia & Julia. Photos/Martin Månsson

A new bar and bakery called Julia & Julia has opened on Reykjavik's central street of Hverfisgata, inside the Culture House. The women behind the venue are Icelander Júlía Hvanndal Einarsdóttir and her friend Julia Mai Linnéa Maria from Sweden. 

The emphasis is on home baked bread and cakes in the style of their grandmothers, and sparkling wine. They also offer brunch, lunch, coffee and other drinks. 

"We love to bake and to cook for our friends and with this new place we wanted to offer what we do best to more people than our friends and family. The Culture House is a beautiful historic building which forms part of the National Museum of Iceland. The soft lighting of the building adds charm to Julia & Julia. 

"Sometimes people say that going for dinner or coffee at grandma's place is the best and that's the kind of feeling we're after. We offer Icelandic and Swedish pastries and typical grandmother style food, including a children's menu."  Examples of the Scandinavian style food on offer are sourdough sandwiches, rye bread with herring, toast with poached egg and cinnamon seashells. 

The venue is open daily from 10 - 17. See their Facebook page HERE. 

The bakery offers a selection of Scandinavian pastries, perfect with ...

The bakery offers a selection of Scandinavian pastries, perfect with a glass of sparkling wine.


USD USD 105.58 EUR EUR 124.60
GBP GBP 141.63 DKK DKK 16.74
NOK NOK 12.75 SEK SEK 12.53
CHF CHF 106.82 JPY JPY 0.94

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