Weird events to explore on Culture Night

Over 300 events are scheduled for Reykjavík’s 22nd Culture Night this Saturday.

Almost all events have free entry and the same goes for the city buses which guests are encouraged to use instead of private cars. The events are all listed on Culture Night’s website and some of them are stranger than others. 

At Flókagata 41 you can check out a display of ugly presents. According to the event description guests are invited to see “gifts from travels to various countries over 21 years” Guests can also “see the results, learn the game and explore the boundaries good taste along with the hosts.”

Landsbankinn invites guests to Vitatorg to participate in an arts and crafts session where everyone can make their own puffin costumes: beaks, wings, tails and feet. There will also be “Puff-on a stick” and a “Beak-bite with milk” for hungry attendees. The description does not specify what exactly those dishes entail.

At Týsgata 1 there will be “a different kind of fireworks display”. The hosts say that the goal is to make a better display than the one planned for the evening by Arnarhóll and that theirs will offer “more excitement, closer proximity and more heat.” 

Singer Svanlaug Jóhannsdóttir has collected women’s shoes throughout the years and each one has a story. She will show the shoes off in Hannesarholt and tell/sing the stories of the women who walked in them. 

Then there is the surrealist experience of The Box at Hlemmur. By entering into a virtual reality, the attendees are suddenly stuck in an invisible box when suddenly a stranger, who is their only chance of getting out, appears. 

Of course, there are also more traditional events to explore. You can run the Marathon, visit the president’s quarters or play with vikings.


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