Street style: Secret Solstice Andrésdóttir

Guests at the Secret Solstice festival this weekend were prepared for all kinds of weather and favored stylish outerwear, ranging from fur and suede to denim and plastic. 

The leather motorcycle jacket was also a popular choice and guests, whether male or female tended to go for sportswear or second hand gear. AndrésdóttirÓfeigur Lýðsson AndrésdóttirÓfeigur LýðssonÓfeigur LýðssonÓfeigur Lýðsson AndrésdóttirÓfeigur Lýðsson Andrésdóttir Andrésdóttir


USD USD 105.61 EUR EUR 124.05
GBP GBP 139.09 DKK DKK 16.66
NOK NOK 13.20 SEK SEK 12.87
CHF CHF 106.97 JPY JPY 0.93

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