Free download from Úlfur Eldjárn's forthcoming album

Úlfur Eldjárn has just released a new song from his forthcoming album ‘The Aristókrasía Project.’ The track is called Bon Voyage and is available as a free download from his website.

According to Eldjárn, it’s an anthemic synth and strings driven track with a disco beat, dedicated to NASA's Voyager mission. "It sounds like something that could have been heard on the dancefloor of Studio 54 around the time the two Voyager space craft were launched, almost 40 years ago."

The track is released ahead of the full release of ‘The Aristókrasía Project,’ a retro-futuristic concept album about space travel, A.I., lost utopias and the future of mankind. The album reflects Úlfur’s background as a member of the legendary Apparat Organ Quartet and his work as a film and experimental composer.

Musically it fuses together the aesthetics of early synthpop with cinematic string arrangements and the distinctive hand crafted beats of Samuli Kosminen (Múm, Jónsi, Hauschka).

Visit for a free download of Bon Voyage.

The Aristókrasía Project will be released on April 12th.


USD USD 106.40 EUR EUR 115.83
GBP GBP 136.45 DKK DKK 15.57
NOK NOK 12.41 SEK SEK 12.12
CHF CHF 106.94 JPY JPY 0.96


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