Music: Lord Pusswhip announces death

On February 17th The FALK music and art collective from Iceland officially announces its 1st release for 2017 – Lord Pusswhip is Dead by LORD PUSSWHIP. The album will be released on digital and on a short run of 50 cassettes, and will be available to stream and download via FALK’s Bandcamp page.

Lord Pusswhip is Dead is a compilation album that features 20 tracks (with additional bonus tracks in the digital release) that covers the short but fervent career of Icelandic rapper and producer LORD PUSSWHIP aka Þórður Ingi Jónsson, from 2011 to the present day. In the fast rising scene that is Icelandic hip-hop, Pusswhip’s productions stand out from the crowd. Steeped in abstract and cultic sampling, chopped and screwed beats and strings, and narcoleptic slurred rap lines, listening to Lord Pusswhip is a decidedly woozy and messy trip, where the lines between time and perception become porous and broken.

 Despite the laidback nature of his music, Pusswhip is a constant blur of music and action. Finding himself a major player in the Icelandic hip hop landscape, he has produced beats and collaborated with numerous Icelandic contemporaries, while at the same time racking up production credits for Antwon, Kojey Radical and Prada Mane. Now residing in Berlin, Pusswhip also hosts the radio show “Puss on a Wire” on Berlin’s

Despite having this release lined up for a number of months, communications from Pusswhip to FALK have been rare. In fact, few people, including close friends, had been unable to contact him, either face-to-face or digitally, since the Iceland Airwaves festival last November. With no tracks or artwork forthcoming, and with no way of getting in contact, FALK was facing up to the possibility of having to delay or even shelve this release.  But one week ago, FALK received a WeTransfer link containing 20 tracks and artwork based on an obituary noticed found in the Icelandic press.  

Also included was a a cryptic message, including this part: 

 “If you are reading this then LORD PUSSWHIP is dead. Of rather I have decided to draw a closing line between this period of my life in order to protect the ones that I love and hold dear to me, so that I may prepare for the next stage in what is an interdimensional war against what Burroughs calls ‘The One God Universe’ and its brutal regime of order that harks the slow death of love and freedom."


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GBP GBP 141.63 DKK DKK 16.74
NOK NOK 12.75 SEK SEK 12.53
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