Human bones found near Viking Sword

.One of the bones found by the hunters.

.One of the bones found by the hunters. Photo/ Facebook

Goose hunters found human bones yesterday in the farmland of Ytri Ásar in Skaftártunga. The bones were found only 20-30 metres from the spot where the ninth century Viking sword was discovered last month. 

Tenth Century Viking Sword discovered in Iceland

 One of the hunters, Sævar Guðjónsson says that they found a femur, a rib, and a hip bone. They also found part of a belt buckle. The Iceland Heritage Centre are doing research on the bones but everything points to the fact that they are from a Viking grave. 

Facebook-síða Sævar Guðjónssonar

He says that the group of hunters had joked about finding the owner of the Viking Sword and then they actually did. 


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