No ‘Ken Lee’ for Iceland

The Voice Iceland hopeful Ellert Heiðar Jóhannsson made a courageous choice of song to try and impress the judges with last Friday, as he took on Mariah Carey’s Without You.

Social media had a field day some years ago after a video appeared of a Bulgarian Idol audition session, in which the enthusiastic young singer failed to win over the audition panel with her ‘phonetic English’ rendition of the Carey classic.

The ‘Ken Lee’ fiasco should have put a black mark by this song as a choice for music TV competitions in non-English-speaking countries for years to come, but Ellert Heiðar was undeterred.

The judges were justifiably impressed with the 42-year-old’s performance, praising his poise and self-confidence on stage.

The ghost of Without You has clearly been laid to rest. Compare for yourselves...



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