Organic burger joint to open in Reykjavik

Brothers Vífill and Ýmir Eiriíksson are putting the final touches ...

Brothers Vífill and Ýmir Eiriíksson are putting the final touches to their organic burger recipe. Photo:

Brothers Vífill Eiríksson and Ýmir Eiriksson will be opening an organic take-away hamburger joint called Bio-borgari. The establishment, which will start off with a street-vending cart, will offer meat and vegetable burgers and root vegetable chips. 

The veggie burger will be entirely vegan with no animal products in the bun either. The vending cart will be located at the Saga Fest music and arts festival held in Stokkseyri, south Iceland on May 23rd - May 24th and will then head back to the city centre. 

Ultimately, the brothers hope to find a perfect location for the Bio-borgari restaurant, preferably in the Þingholt area of downtown Reykjavik.  They're currently putting the final touches on their secret recipe for ketchup and pesto. 


USD USD 105.86 EUR EUR 126.90
GBP GBP 142.99 DKK DKK 17.05
NOK NOK 13.58 SEK SEK 13.32
CHF CHF 109.94 JPY JPY 0.95


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