Sagnheimar byggðasafn

Vestmannaaeyjar -


Safnahúsið Ráðhúströð

900 Vestmannaeyjar

+354 488 0109

+354 694 1006

Sagnheimar, folk museum 

 The Folk Museum of Vestmannaeyjar is a new museum built on old traditions. In addition to the many artifacts housed there, today’s technology gives the history and culture a new dimension. While the adults are learning about the stories of fishing, cliff hunting, the Eldfell eruption of 1973, and the Algerian pirate raid of 1627, the children can dress themselves in pirate costumes and search for hidden treasure in the pirate cave. Displays and exhibits showing the deep connection with the Mormons, the colorful sports history of the island, the reconstructed fishing shack from yesteryear or a “Festival” tent where islanders entertain during the annual “Festival” can also be investigated.