Mapping Icelandic groups abroad

17 Aug 2018 A Facebook group with 5,800 members, aimed at uniting Icelanders abroad, was established two years ago.

Kári Stefánsson, CEO of deCODE, anthropologist Sunna Ebensardóttir and anthropologist Agnar Helgason.

deCode Genetics publish new findings on the founding of the Icelandic population

31 May 2018 In a study published today, scientists at deCODE Genetics report new findings about the founding of the Icelandic population, and its subsequent evolution, based on ancient DNA. The study appears today in the online edition of Science.

Guðrún Straumfjörð celebrates her birthday at the Sóltún nursing home where she will be indulging in cakes and coffee.

Iceland's second oldest person: No key to longevity

24 May 2017 Guðrún Straumfjörð is Iceland's second oldest Icelander and is celebrating her 106th birthday today. She was born on May 24th, 1911, a few weeks before the University of Iceland was founded and attended Marlene Dietrich's Iceland concert in 1944.


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