Looking to Anders Breivik as a rolemodel

The neo-nazi Andes Breivik killed 77 young people on the …

The neo-nazi Andes Breivik killed 77 young people on the 22nd of July in 2011. That is the biggest mass murder of a lone wolf in the history of terrorist attacks against the public. AFP

The men who were arrested by the Special Forces yesterday have a role model in extreme nationalists in Scandinavia, such as the notorious Anders Breivik, who killed 77 young people on the 22nd of July in 2011, which to this day remains the biggest mass murder by a lone wolf in recent history. 

Amonst the things that were found during house searches yesterday were extremist propaganda and the Police are looking into possible links with extremist groups, say sources of Morgunblaðið.

3D gun started the investigation

More information has surfaced, and the weapon that started the investigation and consequently arrests yesterday, was a weapon printed in a 3D printer which the Police got a hold of. When investigating this home made weapon, the Police got wind of the pending terrorist attack.

It has been revealed that some of the weapons confiscated by the Police are similar 3D printed guns, but also regular guns and rifles, some very powerful ones, like semi-automatic rifles.

A known neo-nazi group in Iceland denies any association

The Nordic Resistance Movement, which is associated with neo-nazism and go by the name Norðurvígi in Icelandic, sent out an announcement yesterday saying that the Movement is not connected to any extremist organizations and that they have no members who are planning any terrorist attacks.

Lone wolfs or working with others?

"We are evoking all our connections at our disposal because we are dealing with something of a scope we have not seen before in Iceland. Therefore we seek all the help that we can get," said Karl Steinar Valsson superintendent with the State Police at the press conference yesterday.


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