Second grant to assist municipalities in welcoming refugee children

The Ministry of Education and Children assigned grants today to municipalities that are meant to assist in welcoming refugee children in their care. This was reported on the website of the Icelandic Government today.

The municipalities had the opportunity to apply for financial grants up to 200 thousand ISK for each refugee child. The grants have been awarded in two steps, first last May and today was the second step. In total the grants amount to just over 40 million ISK.

A measure to assist until school started

"The financial support was granted temporarily in order to assist the municipalities to offer the children various outlets for them to be better assimilated into Icelandic culture and prepare them for school this autumn," says in the announcement.

The children have been offered various courses, such as a course in Icelandic, in arts, play and music, sports among other things. Summer schools and other specific summer venues provided the structure and the children got cards for swimming and other sport related activities.




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