My home, my vote, my future

David Kelley

My name is David and I am a local. Seltjarnarnes is my home for almost 7 of the 18 years I have now lived in Iceland. Even though I shall always be a „bloody foreigner“, I am as much a „Nesbúi“ as any of the Icelanders living in this town.

My younger daughter goes to school here and to Selið youth center. My family uses the leisure facilities and the social welfare system, as well as the Stræto to get around. At the end of my street lie the nature reserve where I go to recharge and rejuvinate and the municipal golf course where I play golf with my wife. Seltjarnarnes is where I pay my municipal taxes.

Seltjarnarnes is also the place where I get to vote in municipal elections. As a foreign resident, I have the same rights as any Icelander when it comes to voting in local elections. This Saturday, 14 May, I will also, for the first time, be taking on the role of "umboðsmaður" or a "guardian of democracy". I will be one of the overseers of the voting process in Seltjarnarnes, ensuring that all is well and fair.

Immigrants are not the lower rank of society. We are a wonderfully diverse group of people; well educated and with a wealth of life and business experience. A healthy and prosperous society thrives on participation from all of its inhabitants, including us foreigners, to help shape services and develope the town.

Our votes count rightfully and are as important any other vote.

Citizens of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland can vote this Saturday as long as they are 18 years or older on election day. All other foreign nationals can vote on Saturday if they are 18 or over and have lived in Iceland for more than 3 years. You can check here for your eligibility and your voting location. 

That's it. Your vote counts. Don't waste it!




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