Sexual harassment stories concerning former Minister made public

Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson, former Minister and Ambassador was interviewed by Rúv national television yesterday where he denied all claims of sexual abuse and misconduct and said that all stories regarding him were fabrication and a plot by his daughter Aldís. This morniing 23 women made a blog site public where they detail their experience of Hannibalsson. The youngest victims were ten years old at the time. 


The page contains 23 accounts and the women wish to make them public in light of the me-too movement when victims of sexual abuse can finally step forward. 

Charges were made against Hannibalsson in 2012 for harassing his wife's young, with evidence that included letters with explicit content. The charges were dropped. 

His eldest daughter Aldís Schram has come forward recently accusing her father of having her incarcarated at a mental hospital when she threatened to talk about his abuse. 




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