Daughter of former minister steps forward- father abused his position

Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson used embassy stationary when he was an ambassador to write letters to Icelandic authorities demanding that his daughter should be incarcerated at a mental ward. He did this, she says speaking to Rás 2 radio after she accused him in 1992 of having sexually abused many women including herself. 

In at least one case, such a forced incarceration  made by police and doctors was registered in police reports as "assitance to a foreign embassy."

Aldís Schram, his daughter, has documents to prove this account, documents which Rúv national broadcasting service has obtained. Aldís has made claims about Hannibalsson's abuse against women for years and now a large number of women have stepped forward to speak about his abuse and sexual harassment. Aldís said speaking to Rás 2 radio that  her family claimed that she was mentally ill and should not be believed. She has statements from doctors attesting to the fact that she suffers from no mental illness except post traumatic stress disorder possibly traced to sexual abuse. 

Aldís. a lawyer and teacher,  was incarcerated at the mental hospital for the first time in 1992 at her fathers request when he was Minister for Foreign Affairs in Iceland. For the next ten years she was forcibly transported to mental hospital five times, all requests made by her father. 

She told Rás 2 that she is now determined to have authorities confirm that her human rights were violated. 




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