Klaustur bar whistle blower makes court appearance

Bára Halldórsdóttir, who recorded six MP's at the Klaustur bar in Reykjavik was asked to appear at the Reykjavik District Court to make a statement for a possible case made against her. Crowds of people showed up outside court to show their support. 

Four of the MP's are considering a lawsuit against her because they believe that their right to privacy was violated by the recording of a private conversation at Klaustur bar which was made public. 

They furthermore do not believe that Halldórsdóttir was working alone and find her story implausable. 

Halldórsdóttir, who is gay and disabled, revealed her identity last week as the mystery person who recorded the conversation said, "I was just so hurt and I couldn't believe what I heard," she says. "I listened to powerful men spewing hatred about minoritygroups in a public venue. I believe what I did was right, to inform the public and I'm proud of that." She added that she had no inkling of the consequences. 




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