Mayor of Reykjavik on sick leave

 Mayor Dagur B.Eggertsson has gone on sick leave due to a severe infection of the abdomen. 

This was reported by today's Fréttablaðið. Eggertsson had the same infection a year ago and he is undergoing treatment to prevent it from progressing as far as it did then. 

He was diagnosed this summer with a rare form of arthritis which occurred following the infection.  

Eggertsson aims to be back at work next week. 

The past few weeks have been very taxing on the city council majority. A matter involving a former army bunker being renovated for costs that ran at hundreds of million kronas and the misconduct of a director at Reykjavik Energy. 

Eggertsson denies that this added pressure from media has affected his health. "Every week is stresssful in this job. I think my arthritis treatment is going well." 




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