MP's oppose military practices to take place in Iceland this autumn

"There's nothing positive about military practices," said  MP Steinunn Þóra Árnadóttir, MP for the Left Green Alliance at Parliament yesterday. Árnadóttir and fellow MP for the Left Greens Kolbeinn Óttarson Proppé spoke in opposition of the NATO military practices set to take place in Iceland in October in November called Trident Juncture. 

The Trident Juncture will be the largest NATO practice since 2015 and the main practice will take place in Norway. 

Over forty thousand soldiers will take part in the Norway practice. In Iceland, 400 US marines will practice landing at Sandvík near Reykjanesbær and 120 marines will be transported to a secure area to practice response to an attack on the National Coastguard control centre. 

The special armed police department of the Icelandic national police take part in the practice. 

"We in the Left Green Alliance believe that Iceland is better off outside NATO."

Proppé said that Icelanders don't think about being part of an intergovernmental military alliance anymore nd that the subject needs readressing. "It's a conversation that the Icelandic nation deserves and we owe that conversation to the nation."


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