"A victory for HIV positive people in Iceland"

The Icelandic Medicine Pricing and Reimbursement Committee has this summer approved to subsidize costs for Emtricitabine/​Tenofovir disoproxil Krka for the prevention of the HIV virus.

"This was one of the big issues we were fighting for and we're over the moon about this, it's a milestone for our fight. It will hopefully facilitate the next steps," says Sigrún Grendal Magnúsdóttir, director of the HIV-Ísland association speaking to mbl.is. 

"This is of great importance towards stopping the spread of HIV. There are certain groups that will be able to use this medication and therefore have a great impact on the spread of the disease, so we rejoice over this news."

Magnúsdóttir added that the HIV virus is no longer a disease to be feared. "We can control it if we are conscious of it. This medication plays a large part in this. Although the disease is not rife in our country and our neighbouring countries it's still very dangerous, especially in poorer areas such as many African or Eastern European countries. 




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