New majority formed in Reykjavik City Council

 The Alliance Party, The Left Green Aliance, Pirates and the Reform Party have agreed to begin coalition talks for a new majority in the Reykjavik City Council. 

Major Dagur B.Eggertsson is positive that the talks will go well and said to that currently people are discussing how to divide up different posts. 

"I feel that we have reached a level of trust in the past few days and throughout the election campaigns," he said. "Although these parties are different I feel a great deal of ambition for the city and to do well for Reykjavik."

Eyþór Arnalds, mayor candidate for the Independence Party said to that these coalition discussions did not reflect the true results of the election and that the old majority needed a holiday. "Eyþór wanted to take Reykjavik back to the past and there is not a majority that wants to go into that direction," said Eggertsson. 


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