Icelandic women priests join the #metoo movement


Women priests in Iceland have released a statement in connection with the #metoo movement speaking out against sexual violence, harassment and prejudice within their ranks. They urge the bishop of Iceland and the church commission to push for change.

Sixty four women have signed the declaration which is accompanied by anonymous descriptions of sexual violence and sexual harassment. 

Among the incidences described in the statement are a male colleague licking the feet when she was wearing sandals in the summer, another described a male colleague repeatedly trying to stick her tongue in her mouth every time she greeted him, and another described a male colleague rubbing his genitals against her. 

Bishop of Iceland, Agnes M. Sigurðardóttir has responed to the statement saying that she is not surprised, having seen and heard things in her own career to support it.  She furthermore said that she would do her utmost to improve matters within the Icelandic church. 




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