"Suddenly someone stuck a penis inside me"

 Women in theatre and the field of cinema in Iceland have come out with stories of sexual harassment and even rape using the hashtag #Metoo. In Iceland, several groups of women have come forward following the furor surrounding the Weinstein scandal in the US. 

Icelandic women politicians publish stories of sexual harassment

The women within the field of theatre and cinema are putting the stories on a website called  Tjaldi fellur which means the curtain falls. 

"I remember I came out of the jacuzzi and went into my room. My ex boyfriend was fast asleep next to me. I had passed out from alcohol but regained consciousness every now and then, the first time when suddenly someone stuck a penis inside me, the guy kept on f***ng me and I passed out. I came to again when another good friend of mine was also on top of me , the other one had left, and he f***ed me as well. I totally passed out then and don't remember anything more. I felt so ashamed, as if I had cheated on my boyfriend."

This as one of the excerpts of over 600 stories on the page. The women have signed a petition to demand that their male coworkers in the field take responsibility: for the government, the theatre and for film production company to deal with such matters with rigurous regulations and contingency plans. 

A lot of the stories are equally shocking, one actress spoke on Kastljos about leaving stage to wait for her next scene only to find the main actor, a famous one in Iceland, approaching her with his naked penis out and saying," We have seven minutes." 

Some incidences involve men groping young women, underneath their clothes, down to the age of 14 year old girls. 




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