Tying up loose ends in Mosfellsdalur attack

Investigation into the death of Arnar Jónsson Aspar is well on its way, police say. Arnar was attacked outside his home in Mosfellsdalur on June 7th.

One suspect, Sveinn Gestur Tryggvason, is being held in custody until July 21st, however, PoliceChief SuperintendentGrímur Grímsson expects that the date will be pushed back. Another suspect, Jón Trausti Lúthersson has been released from custody.

“We are tying up loose ends and then the case will be sent to the district attourney. It hasn’t become clear if it will happen this week or the next,” says Grímur. 

According to case files, Sveinn Gestur and Jón Trausti arrived at the victim’s home on June 7th along with four others. The victim threw a broom into one of the cars they arrived in, and fetched an iron bar. Jón Trausti took the bar from the victim who fell to the ground. Then Sveinn Gestur grabbed him in a chokehold for several minutes while repeatedly punching him in the face.

Preliminary results of the autopsy show that the position the victim was forced into resulted in minimal respiration capacity, which lead to him suffocating.

Grímur says that although Sveinn is the only one suspected of killing the victim, their legal status hasn’t changed.

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