More “unconventional” families in Iceland than “conventional”

Photo: Iceland Monitor/Eggert Jóhannesson

The family can take on many forms. In Iceland in 2017, there are fewer families of married couples and children, than so called “unconventional” families. That is, unmarried couples and single parents. Married couples with children are 27.3% of all nuclear families in Iceland.

Single parents are 15.3% and unmarried couples with children make up for 12.9%.

There are 80.638 nuclear families in Iceland. The nuclear family consists of: husband and wife, husband, wife and children, single parent with children, and domestic partnership with children or without children.

Icelandic population on the rise

Icelanders were 338.349 in the beginning of January, 5820 more than on the same time last year. The increase is a whopping 1.8%.

On the same time there were 60 villages in Iceland with population over 200, one less than last year. 316.904 Icelanders live in densely populated areas. The rest, 21.455 in rural areas.

Photo: Iceland Monitor/Rax / Ragnar Axelsson

Photo: Iceland Monitor/Brynjar Gauti

Photo: Iceland Monitor/Kristinn Ingvarsson

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