Two-thirds reject EU membership

Hjörtur J. Guðmundsson
Hjörtur J. Guðmundsson

The majority of Icelanders remain opposed to membership of the European Union (EU) according to a new opinion poll produced by MMR. 54% say they do not support the idea that Iceland should become part of the bloc while 25.9% are in favour.

Taking only those for or against into account 67.5% reject EU membership while a third is in favour. Of those who oppose joining the EU 37.9% are very opposed while only 12.7% say they are very much in favour or three times fewer.

The opinion poll was produced 10-15 February from a sample of 808 participants. Every opinion poll published in Iceland since 2009 has had a majority against EU membership.

Iceland applied to join the EU in 2009 but the then Icelandic government announced to Brussels in 2015 that the country was no longer a candidate for EU membership.

The current Icelandic government, formed in January following general elections in October and led by the conservative Independence Party, has no plans to seek EU membership.




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