Rafiei has received permission to travel to the USA

Meisam Rafiei, member of the Icelandic tae kwon do team who was escorted off a plane because of his Iranian background has now received permission from the United States to travel there. Rafiei has an Icelandic passport. 

Icelandic tae kwon do champion barred from US flight as he's born in Iran

"The US Embassy in Iceland contacted me today and told me I could leave," said Rafiei to mbl.is last night.  Rafiei is competing for the Icelandic national team in tae kwon do at the US Open in Las Vegas.  "I called WOW air and they're helping me to get a ticket."  Rafiei is therefore set to leave Iceland today for San Francisco and from there to Vegas. 

"The US tae kwon do association has also helped me a lot and they're getting me a ticket from San Francisco to Las Vegas."

Rafiei's first day of competition is on Thursday February 2nd. 

See an interview in Icelandic with Rafiei on RÚV here. 

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