A thousand people attend solidarity meeting in Reykjavik for Aleppo

People arrived with torches at Lækjartorg yesterday afternoon in a ...

People arrived with torches at Lækjartorg yesterday afternoon in a meeting of solidarity with the people of Aleppo. These signs bear the words Velkomin - welcome. mbl.is/Golli

Around one thousand people attended a solidarity meeting for the people of Aleppo yesterday afternoon in Lækjartorg in the city centre. The point of the event was to show that the people of Iceland have not turned a blind eye to the atrocities happening there.

"I decided to organise the event because of how few people turned up at a similar meeting in Akureyri organised by Syrian English teacher, Khattab Omar Alomhammad, a refugee who received asylum in Iceland last year. "I wanted to do something instead of just feeling powerless over what is going on," said organiser Eva Huld Ívarsdóttir to mbl.is 

Support for Syria in Reykjavik.

Support for Syria in Reykjavik. mbl.is/Golli

"Before we head into Christmas preparations to enjoy time with our families we need to show that the Icelandic public see and know what is happening in Aleppo and we condemn this. "



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