Opposition to EU membership on the rise

Judging from a fresh opinion poll by MMR a growing number of Icelanders want their country to remain outside the European Union or 57.8% compared with 50.6% according to a similar poll conducted in late September. Support for EU membership has decreased during the same period of time from 28.2% down to 20.9% as things currently stand.

Fewer people are now in favour of joining the EU than those who have not made up their minds (21.3%). Of those opposed to EU membership 38% are very opposed while 19.7% say they are rather opposed to the idea of joining the bloc. Meanwhile 13% are rather in favour of becoming part of the EU while only 7.9% are very supportive of the idea.

Based solely on those who either oppose or favour EU membership 73.4% want to remain outside the EU while 26.6% are of the opposite opinion. The poll was carried out between 7-14 November.

Every opinion poll published in Iceland since 2009 has had a majority against joining the EU.


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