Icelandic gender pay protest inspires women in France

From last month's protest.

From last month's protest. Photo: Icelandic Monitor/Árni Sæberg

French feminist group Les Glorieuses is organising a walk-out of French women from the workplace next Monday, inspired by a gender-pay protest by Icelandic women last month.

Using data from the EU statistics agency Eurostat, the group has calculated that, as a result of lower pay for women, French women are essentially working for free from 4:36pm on Monday 7 November.

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The campaigners make reference to the protest staged by Icelandic women on 24 October, when they walked out of work at 2:38pm for that day.

The current gender pay gap in Iceland means that women are effectively no longer paid (as compared to their male colleagues) from 2:38pm, based on a typical 9-5 working day.

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