Who’s up and who’s down in Icelandic politics?

Photo: Iceland Monitor/Ómar

With just over two weeks to go until general elections in Iceland, a nation avidly follows the polls to try and get some indication of who might be in line for government after the dust has settled.

The graph below shows the percentage support for Iceland’s seven main political parties at the 2013 general elections and in the fourteen most recent opinion polls (conducted by various companies).

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Of note is the meteoric rise of the Pirate Party (‘Píratar’), who have risen from around 5% back in 2013 to over 20% today. They have been tussling with the centre-right Independence Party for the top spot for a number of months.

Since the last elections, Iceland has also seen the emergence of a new political party, Regeneration (‘Viðreisn’), for whom some polls have put support at over 10%. As polls currently stand, seven parties could return MPs to Iceland’s Parliament (‘Alþingi’) this time round.





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