Anger and disgust at Icelandic Eurovision racist slurs

Photo: YouTube screenshot

Racist comments about Iceland’s spokesperson at Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest have caused anger and disgust among Icelanders on social media.

Selma Erla Serdar, Chair of the Executive Board of Iceland’s centre-left Social Democratic Alliance Party, flagged up two particularly contemptible posts on her Facebook page yesterday evening.

Should have been an Icelander

“What? Should a negro be the face of Iceland abroad?” writes one irate viewer, referring to pop star and TV host Unnsteinn Manúel Stefánsson, who gave the points of the Icelandic jury on Saturday.

“It would be like an Icelander trying to be the face of China. Luckily, Iceland is more or less a country of white people who can trace their heritage back in this country. He should have been replaced by an Icelander. And now the net trolls will come and say he is Icelandic. Yeah, right.”

“How on earth is a black man speaking for Iceland?” is the poorly punctuated simple response of another viewer.

Selma’s response on her Facebook page is categorical: “Let’s say no to racism and prejudice. Let’s say no to hate speech and bullying. Let’s say no to discrimination, injustice and to those promoting fear, hatred and division!”

The vast majority of responses from Icelanders to these posts wholly condemn the sentiments expressed.




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