Crime in capital up 13%

The Icelandic Police.

The Icelandic Police.

A total of 828 criminal offences were reported to the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police in October. Crime so far in 2005 is 13% up on the average over the last three years for the period January-October.

As compared to the previous three months, Greater Reykjavik saw significant increases in offences related to damage to property and breaking and entering. Theft, sexual offences and drug offences are among the types of criminality which have fallen as compared to the previous three months.

Most reported criminal offences involved breaking into vehicles.

Police have appealed to everybody to ensure they lock their vehicles and homes and avoid leaving visible valuables in their cars. In the run-up to Christmas, this is especially important as regards Christmas presents, laptops, phones, sat navs, loose change, etc.

The full report (in Icelandic) can be found below.

Source: Reykjavik Metropolitan Police

Source: Reykjavik Metropolitan Police

PDF-skrá Crime Statistics - October 2015 (in Icelandic)


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