Strikes causing KEF flight delays

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP AFP

Icelandair flights out of Keflavík International Airport (KEF) this morning were delayed by 30-60 minutes and similar delays can be expected this afternoon.

The delays – affecting many of this morning’s flights – were due to long queues at passport control caused by ongoing strike action among civil servants in Iceland.

Employees of the airport’s operator Isavia were on hand to provide waiting passengers with water and to reassure them that their flights would not leave without them. Icelandair staff were also busy answering passenger’s questions and addressing their concerns.

Many of those stuck in passport-control queues were transit passengers from America catching an onward connection from Iceland to the rest of Europe.

Passengers are said, on the whole, to have taken the delays with good cheer. Similar delays can be expected to affect flights this afternoon.


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