Selling elves for charity...

Álfasala? What on earth is that?” I asked a group of Icelandic colleagues yesterday. “Oh, that’s selling elves for charity,” came the characteristic concise Icelandic reply which leaves you more confused than before you asked the question.

Charity action

It emerges that this ‘elf sale’ in an annual fund-raising initiative of the Icelandic Association for the Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Abuse (SÁÁ). Some 1,000 people throughout Iceland – including member of sports, school and other associations – began yesterday selling small, chirpy adhesive ‘elves’ to raise money for SÁÁ. This year is the 26th running of this now-famous Icelandic fund drive.

A considerable contribution to a worthy cause

The álfasala is SÁÁ’s largest fund-raising project. Some 20% of all alcohol-abuse therapy provided by the association is paid for by charity funds. Since 1990, these curious little furry friends have raised ISK 550 million (approx. €3.7 million) for SÁÁ.

Sales began yesterday and will continue until Sunday. Each elf costs ISK 2,000 (approx. €14).




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