Murders linked to domestic violence

Some 60% of all murders in Iceland since 2003 can be traced back to domestic violence.

This is one of the findings reported in a booklet published by the Human Rights Office of Reykjavik City Council on the occasion of International Women's Day yesterday. The publication gives statistical data on the gender situation in the capital and the country at large.

Disabled people and foreigners

The booklet also reveals that disabled people are more often victims of violence than able-bodied people and that disabled women in particular are more like to suffer violence than any other group in society.

Furthermore, while foreign women make up only 10% of the female population of Iceland, they make up a much greater proportion of the women at the Women’s Refuge, i.e. 32%. The corresponding figures for men are 9% and 22%. Eleven murders committed in Iceland since 2003 (some 60% of the total) were classified and prosecuted by police as relating to domestic violence.

The Reykjavik City Council booklet (in Icelandic) can be consulted here.


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