The conservatives gaining ground

The conservative Independence Party is by far the largest political party in Iceland according to a new opinion poll carried out by the pollster MMR. Well over 29 percent of the voters would vote for the party if there were general elections now. Support for the part has grown 5 percent since last month. The next elections are scheduled in May 2017.

The Independence Party enjoys almost twice the support for the second largest party Bright Future which 16,2 percent of the voters say they would vote for. The Social Democratic Alliance, traditionally Iceland's second largest party, has nearly the same support as Bright Future or 16.1 percent. Some 11.4 percent would vote for the Pirate Party and 11 percent for the Progress Party which forms the current center-right government along with the conservatives.

The Left Green Movement, the party furthest to the left in Icelandic politics, is the smallest party with seats in parliament according to the poll. The party enjoys 10.4 percent support among the voters. Support for the government is 37.3 percent compared to 36.4 percent a month ago. The poll was carried out December 9-16, 2014.

The Independence Party has been Iceland's largest political party in terms of voter's support in every general elections since before the Second World War with the sole exception of 2009 when the Social Democratic Alliance briefly became the largest party after the financial crisis hit the country which was politically blamed by many primarily on the conservatives.




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