Grindavík Golf Course: "It is probably the safest golf course in Iceland"

Húsatóftavöllur Golf Course in Grindavík.

Húsatóftavöllur Golf Course in Grindavík. Jóhannesson

The Grindavík Golf Course opens for play on all courses of the golf course today.

“There is no danger here, we wouldn’t have an open field if it was dangerous. We’ve been in close collaboration with the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management and the whole field has been scanned, so I can’t guarantee that it is probably the safest golf course in Iceland, even though you’d want to look further,” Helgi Dan Steinsson, manager of the Grindavík Golf Club, tells us.

“The field is in a great condition”

Steinsson says that the thirteen to seventeen tracks, located beneath Nesvegur Road, will open today, allowing play on all eighteen tracks.

Are you optimistic about keeping all the tracks open this summer?

“Yes, yes, as long as it doesn’t start to erupt again and we are forced to close, we’ll look forward to the rest of the summer with optimism,” he says.

He adds that the field is in excellent condition and that it only needed minimal repair after the eartquakes and the eruption, as it is quite far away from Grindavík. One of the tracks was damaged but it was moved slightly, so they were lucky.

Steinsson says that the attendance has not been good in recent months, but he can see an increasing interest.

Great view of the lava field

“We hope that as many people as possible will come and play at this great golf course. All the routes to the Golf course are open so people can drive the Grindavíkurvegur Road,” he says.

Those who have booked time only need to show that they have booked a time at the course and then they are let through.

“There’s a great view of the new lava field and it’s an adventure to visit us,” Steinsson concludes.




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