Kourani is deemed a sociopath but fit for sentencing

Héraðsdómur Reykjaness

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After a psychiatric examination and evaluation, there is no evidence that Mohamad Kourani is not culpable and not fit for sentencing.

Yesterday, psychiatrist Kristinn Tómasson testified in the main proceedings in Kourani’s case, where he reviewed his mental assessment. He is among other things charged with the stabbing attack that took place at the OK Market in Hlíðarendi, in March.

Tómasson says that he has never met a man who shows less empathy for other people and also values him as a sociopath.

He says that Kourani realizes that his actions can have consequences for others, but that he doesn't care.

Seen as a danger to others

According to Tómasson, Kourani has paranoid personality disorder and PTSD. He is also considered dangerous to others.

Tómasson says that Kourani gets obsessive about people and things and mentions that he has been obsessing about two men and that he doesn't care what he does to them. One of them is Helgi Magnús Gunn­arsson, the deputy state prosecutor.

After the attack in OK Market, Helgi Magnús Gunnarsson revealed that Kourani had been threatening him for years and had been sentenced.


Declares himself a victim repeatedly

Tómasson says that it was difficult to discuss the attack in OK Market with Kourani. He says that Kourani has repeatedly described himself as a victim in the case and turns the scenario around so that the men in the store attacked him, and that he is a good man.

The defense lawyer asked Kourani if he could receive appropriate treatment in prison and if it would be successful.

“It’s difficult to know how to tackle his behavior. He needs intensive help to manage his mental illness, which can be provided in prison,” Tómasson said.




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