“I will kill you and your family”

Reykjanes District Court.

Reykjanes District Court. mbl.is/Hákon

“I will kill you and your family,” he said several times during the hearing in Reykjanes District Court yesterday. “You never know where you have him, he has a great violent mind, so I took these threats very seriously,” said a police officer who testified in court in the case of Mohamad Kourani today.

Kourani is charged with the stabbing attack in the OK Market along with other offenses.

The police officer testified before the court yesterday via telecommunications equipment and he participated in the investigation and took two reports of Kourani, which he says did not go too well.

Soon it became apparent who was at work

The officer was on an on-call-duty shift when he was called out because of a stabbing attack and says that soon there were indications that Kourani was at work and afterward the search for him began.

The policeman went to the scene soon after the call and the procecutor asked if any weapons had been found at the scene.

“There was a broken blade. It is seen in the CCTV footage when the blade breaks and then Kourani stops his attack.”

Helgi Magnús Gunnarsson, the deputy state prosecutor.

Helgi Magnús Gunnarsson, the deputy state prosecutor. mbl.is/Kristinn Magnússon

Previously sentenced and threatened deputy state prosecutor

After Kourani’s attack in the OK market, Helgi Magnús Gunn­arsson, the deputy state prosecutor, revealed that Kourani had also been threatening him for years and had been sentenced. The charges were: assault, break-in and entering, violation of a restraining order, property damage, violation of the quarantine law, violation against authorities, for deceiving the police, violation of the weapons law, forgery, and traffic violations.

Gunnarsson said it was strange that after the attack in the OK market, the man had not been deported and he believed the blame lay with the Icelandic parliament. Afterward, Minister of Justice Guðrún Hafsteinsdóttir said that the case showed that changes were necessary when it came to cases involving people who had been granted protection in Iceland. Kourani came to Iceland in 2018 from Syria and was granted international protection in Iceland.




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