A cyclist dressed in all black is escorted through the tunnel by the police

The Hvalfjörður tunnel is pretty dark as it is, so …

The Hvalfjörður tunnel is pretty dark as it is, so dressing in black is not a good idea if you are cycling and want to be seen. mbl.is/Sigurður Bogi

Just now, the road agency IRCA received a report about a cyclist in the Hvalfjörður tunnel. The police went to meet him in the tunnel and followed him out. The tunnel has not been closed and will likely not be.

The cyclist is not properly dressed for the occasion so to speak, all in black, on a black bike with a black suitcase.
A service representative at the Icelandic Road Administration, Sveinbjörn Hjálmarsson, says that there is no ticket for cycling through the tunnel, thereby clogging traffic, creating an accident risk, and causing the tunnel to be closed in some cases.

The penalties are the shame

“The penalties are the shame. You have the [police] car flashing blue lights behind you while you’re riding up from the tunnel.
It’s safe to say that the cyclist doesn’t feel particularly good when he’s out of the tunnel after having the police car behind him,” Hjálmarsson’s colleague at IRCA, Svanur Þorvaldsson, told mbl.is last week when the tunnel had to be temporarily closed due to a cyclist.




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